Authentication of Your Documents (Apostilles)


Certification of Documents

A stamp lying on a certificate Copyright: RWTH Aachen

In the present context, a certification is an official confirmation by a suitable person that a copy document is a true copy of the original document.

Certification through the University Administration

  • Registrar's Office: during consultation hours
    For organizational reasons, during the application and enrollment period between May 22 and September 30, the Registrar’s Office does not offer its document certification service. During this period please contact the Citizens' Service at the Katschhof and Bahnhofsplatz offices for certifications.
  • International Office: Stanislava Petkova, Room 329 Info Service Center Wednesdays 1.30 to 4pm. Please note that we can only authenticate either RWTH diplomas or certificates needed for an application at the RWTH. If international certificates or academic records are to be notarized, please bring both the original and a copy with you.
    The fee for certifications amounts to EUR 1.50 per page authenticated. Please note that the certifying officers of the university administration do not authenticate copies of personal IDs, passports and personal certificates such as birth and marriage certificates.

Certification by the Students' Union – AStA

The Students' Union of RWTH Aachen University – AStA – offers certification services every workday from 10am to 2pm. Please note however that not all institutions accept documents certified by the Students' Union.

Certification by the City of Aachen

The City Council also offers certification services. Fees for the authentication of documents however are different from those of the University Administration. For further information, please visit the respective web pages of the City Council.



Most countries accept certificates and authenticated documents of RWTH Aachen University as long as they carry the official seal of the university, that is a circular stamp. Some countries, however demand that the authenticated documents in addition are certified with an apostille, which confirms the authenticity of the signature of a university document, such as a diploma or other certificate. Apostilles can only be issued by an administrative office of the German state. An apostille for documents of RWTH Aachen University are issued by the District Government of Cologne – Bezirksregierung Köln.

Please note that in order to obtain an apostille from the District Government of Cologne, you will need the signature of one of the following members of staff of RWTH Aachen University on your RWTH documents:

  • Certificates and Diplomas, etc:
    • Registrar's Office: Torsten Dickmeis or Britta Jansen (by proxy) – apostilles for original RWTH diplomas and certificates
    • Registrar's Office: Eva Kaspar and Heike Jussen – apostilles for certified copies. Please bring the original and copy.
    • Central Examination Office: Nadja Mertens – apostilles for original RWTH diplomas and certificates
  • Only certificates issued by the International Office: Ms Bettina Schuppe