Aachen Researchers Win Biomedica Collaboration Award


The Aachen R&D project MiGi, Multifunctional Image Guided Interventions, was awarded the Collaboration Award at Biomedica, the leading international congress of life sciences in the 'top technological regions' of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.


The MiGi research project is part of the Aachen medical technology group innovating medical technology in.nrw (www.medtec-innrw.de), supported by a total 13 million euros from the NRW-EU-Ziel2 Program and devoted to the issue of medical technology adapted for patients needing circulation therapy.

This is the first year the prize – worth 10,000 euros – has been awarded. It honors the transnational cooperation among businesses and academic faculties pursuing practical research or projects in the areas of life sciences, medical technology, or biotechnology.

Certified engineer Adrian Schütte of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology in Aachen accepted the award at Biomedica on behalf of the project’s five partners, the Clinic for Radiological Diagnostics of the Aachen University Hospital, Hemoteq AG of Würselen, and businesses Nano4Imaging GmbH and MagnaMedics GmbH of Aachen.

“Multifunctional Image-guided Interventions”

In order to conduct interventions, like catheter analysis or balloon dilation, imaging procedures are used for the targeted regulation and monitoring of operation instruments. Instruments required for operation, like guide wires and catheters, the ‘golden standard’, are often only used for X-ray fluoroscopy.

Using MiGi it shall be possible to forego the usual X-ray fluoroscopy during an intervention in the future. With the development of new guide wires, alternative methods of representation for imaging procedures (MRT and ultrasound) can be used for medical interventions. This technique has shown advantages concerning the presentability of the area of intervention and its surroundings. The doctor and patient’s exposure to radiation is thus also greatly reduced.

These R&D projects are intent on developing new production methods and new materials (fiber-reinforced plastic) for producing custom-made guide wires for various imaging procedures and to qualify them in preclinical trials for different interventions. Thanks to the instruments developed in this research project and the individualized MR-guided therapy they enable, further and improved possibilities are created for treating diseases and relieve the healthcare system.

The Exemplary Cooperation of Research and Industry

The jury of experts praised the particularly close cooperation and networking of MiGi's industrial agents and researchers during the award presentation. The project's partners briskly exchange ideas for developing and establishing new therapeutic techniques and procedures that will stimulate mutual added value. Emphasis was also placed on the balanced relationship of two scientific faculties and three SMEs. The jury also recognized the fact that regional SMEs were successfully integrated in hi-tech projects and that the instruments developed were not simply the refined versions of existing products, but rather entirely new developments that can be subsequently marketed and distributed by a project partner.


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