RWTH ehrte ihre Dienstjubilare


Bayer and RWTH Aachen University closely cooperate in supporting up-and-coming researchers in science and technology. To complement this longstanding collaboration, Bayer and the RWTH International Academy have now signed a cooperation agreement to form a strategic partnership.

  RWTH Rector Schmachtenberg, Dr. John Mylopoulos, and Prof. Wolfgang Thomas Copyright: © Martin Lux RWTH Rector Ernst Schmachtenberg (right) presents John Mylopoulos (mid) with an honorary academic degree in the Natural Sciences. Also pictured is Prof. Wolfgang Thomas as a representative of the RWTH Senate.

In addition to further training, the RWTH International Academy offers funding possibilities for research collaborations between companies and RWTH Aachen. Through technical focus points and geographical proximity to the partner, this presents clear advantages for a position in international competition.

The goal of the strategic partnership is to construct a hub of knowledge, which functions as a central location for bundling activities between Bayer and RWTH Aachen, and to establish sustainable and targeted obtainment of young researchers. The focus is also on funding existing cooperations, initiating new contacts and projections, and creating, planning, supervising, and reworking of student and graduate programs and activities.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Plischke, chairman of the Bayer AG executive board responsible in for innovation and technology among other responsibilities, praised the partnership: " RWTH Aachen is not only one of the poster children for engineering in Germany, but also conducts research in the natural sciences at the highest level. We experience this at Bayer, for example, in the collaborative Catalysis Center CAT in Aachen. And since excellent research is only possible with outstanding scientists, an expansion of this close cooperation lends itself to the promotion of young researchers. We are very happy to be able to contribute a further important building block for strengthening the site of innovation in Germany."

The "Bayer Knowlede Hub @ RWTH Aachen University" already started in summer 2011 and is supervised by a collaborative team from Aachen and Leverkusen. In the beginning, priority was placed on both sides getting to know each other's scientific topics and the company culture at Bayer: For this purpose, a excursion to Leverkusen took place, as well as "Bayer fireside chat" with Dr. Dirk Van Meirvenne, the chief executive of Bayer Technology Services, with about 50 participants in Aachen.

The next milestone of the partnership is "Bayer Day" at RWTH Aachen on May 25, 2012 in the RWTH Aachen Super C. Prof, Schamachtenberg, Rector of RWTH Aachen, is hosting the event along with the Bayer Innovation Chairman, Prof Plischke. About 150 students, professors, and employees from both sides are expected. Individuals interested can find more information about the event under

Contact Person:
Bayer Knowledge Hub@RWTH Aachen University
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Katharina Zay
Tel. +49 241 80-27616

For Bayer AG:
Dr. Katharina Jansen
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