Latecomer Information

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RWTH Welcomes Internationals

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Your visa has been delayed, you had to take late exams, or you were only admitted to RWTH recently and therefore missed out on Welcome Week? No need to worry, you are not the only one and you did not miss out on everything! We are here to support you and have gathered information for you so you will have everything you need to get started. You can find all the important information on our new Fit for RWTH website.

How can I get help organizing my first semester as a latecomer?

An excellent source of advice for preparing for your first semester is the faculty student councils. They organize the first-year orientation events in the winter (and sometimes summer) semester and are also happy to help you with any questions related to courses and exams and aid you in meeting fellow students in your degree program. Furthermore, the faculty advisors are there to support you with questions related to the academic side of your studies. Regular degree program students should contact their departmental academic advisor, while exchange students should contact the departmental coordinators for incoming exchange students.

How can I meet new people if I have missed Welcome Week?

Taking a language course or registering for sports activities can help you meet new people at RWTH. Furthermore, you can get involved in the many diverse extracurricular and leisure activities available here and make new friends there thanks to the student initiatives at RWTH. We highly recommend students go to the Day of Student Initiatives (TDSI) organized by AStA – Students' Committee, which takes place shortly after the start of each semester. The next TDSI will be on May 14, 2024, at C.A.R.L. Finally, the official Representation of Foreign Students (in German AV) at RWTH specializes in helping new international students socialize with each other and settle in well. They offer many events and consultations throughout the semester and are a great student initiative to get involved in.


Still have questions?

Check out our FAQ and feel free to contact our Info Service Center. We’ll be happy to help with any problems or questions you might have.

The Info Service Center regularly organizes web seminars during the semester on different topics, such as learning German, career prospects, admission to and enrollment at RWTH. You can find out about the upcoming online seminars on their website.