Promotion of Equality


Gender Equality-relevant Papers of Central Science Organizations


The Equal Opportunities Officer and her deputy representatives support the University with its promotion of women and equal opportunities. They are involved in the University's council and committee work, regularly participate in meetings of the Rectorate, the Board of Governors, Senate, and Equal Opportunities Committee, contribute to the creation of the Equal Opportunities Plan, and are involved in hiring and appointment processes. In collaboration with the Inclusion, Gender and Diversity Management Staff Unit, IGaD for short, they develop the University's Equal Opportunities Concept 2017 to 2022.

Gender Monitoring

RWTH Aachen used indicators to set objectives in the field of equal opportunities. Through the regular evaluation of gender conditions at various hierarchical and qualification levels, steps forward, stagnation, and even steps back can be recognized. Gender Monitoring is an instrument for sensitization and the foundation of the development and quality assurance of suitable equal opportunity measures.

Equal and Fair Career Paths

Equal career development has to promote 1.) gainful employment of women, particularly where they are underrepresented, and 2.) the fair balance of employment and caring duties. Here it is crucial to reduce the unequal burden of care and mental load on women. The project Equal Career Paths was created to contribute to this necessity. With Väterarbeit, men are encouraged to take parental leave and assume equal responsibility for childcare and upbringing. The Family Services Team in the Equal Opportunities Office offers practical support in balancing family and studies, or career. The Equal Opportunities Office supports and participates in career development activities at the University.

Career Promotion and Networking of Young Women Researchers

Women are still significantly underrepresented in scientific careers in almost all areas of RWTH Aachen University. Many women leave the academic career path, especially in the transitional career stages. The project Career Promotion and Networking of Young Women Researchers addresses these phases. By strengthening networks and providing appropriate support, the project aims to promote career opportunities for young women researchers. Intersectional topics and their influence on educational success are also included.

Gender-Neutral Language

Equal treatment begins with language. In accordance with the State Equal Opportunities Act, the University must ensure that women and men are treated equally in the language used in professional written communication. Practical advice on implementing gender-neutral language at RWTH Aachen University is provided in a brochure, as well as in this video.

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