Erasmus+: Funding Requirements and Obligations

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A stay abroad with ERASMUS+ is a very simple and straightforward way to gain new experiences. It will never be this simple again to go abroad; and you should not let this opportunity slip during your time at university.

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Funding Amount

The financial support for Erasmus+ study visits is based on the different costs of living in the target or program countries. The countries are divided into three groups. You can find out which group your host country belongs to in this country group overview.

In the 2024/25 academic year, the funding amount set by the DAAD for

  • country group 1 is 600 euros per month,
  • for country groups 2 and 3, it is 540 euros per month.

Please note that due to the limited availability of funds, not all of the time spent at the host university for academic purposes can be funded. The exact funding modalities for the upcoming academic year will be communicated in June/July after the DAAD has announced the approved funding amount.

On this DAAD webpage, you can see which groups countries are allocated to and what the fixed monthly funding rates were for previous years.


Special Funding

Erasmus+ promotes equal opportunities and inclusion. For this reason, students in special circumstances can apply for an additional grant of 250 euros per month. Eligible to apply are students with a disability or chronic illness and students who are spending their time abroad with a child or children. Provided they meet the requirements, students with non-academic parents and working students are also eligible to apply. Those receiving Ersamus+ funding can apply only once to recieve this stipend, even if they meet several of the funding criteria. Please refer to our website Equal Opportunities: Everyone Can Study Abroad for more information. We would also be happy to tell you more about extra funding opportunities through Erasmus. For more information, please contact Amelie Meiners.

Erasmus Obligations

Receiving the Erasmus+ scholarship also binds you to certain obligations. We will inform you about these obligations after being selected by the faculties or departments for an Erasmus+ study place.

The obligations include submitting/completing:

  • The Grant Agreement
  • The Online Learning Agreement
    Alternatively, in exceptional cases, the PDF version of the Learning Agreement may be used, which you can find together with the step-by-step guide (FAQ) in the downloads below. The PDF is only to be used if the Online Learning Agreement is not used by the partner university or if technical problems occur while it is being created.
  • Confirmation of a Stay Abroad
  • EU Survey
  • Testimonial
  • Transcript of records of the partner university
  • Recognition letter

In addition, all Erasmus students have access to the Online Language Support (OLS) platform, which provides digital support for learning the local language.

An explanation of all obligations, including deadlines, can be found in the downloads (checklist). The template for the document Confirmation of a Stay Abroad can also be found in the downloads. The fulfillment of all obligations is a prerequisite for the payment of the Erasmus+ grant.