Fieldwork is Essential


On June 22, under the motto of “Fieldwork – Classical and Modern Concepts,” the Department of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology held the Geo Day 2012, organized in collaboration with VAG, the Association of Aachen Geoscientists.

  At the Geo Day 2012, the RWTH Division of Earth Sciences and Geography Bids Farewell to its Graduates © Martin Lux

Researchers from all over Germany took this opportunity to discuss the main topic of the day, “Geological Engineering Challenges During Infrastructural Projects.” The general tenor of the contributions was that on-site field work is indispensable for geoscientists as it helps to shape and give direction to academic research.

The Geo Day also included the commencement ceremony for this year’s graduates from the Division of Earth Sciences and Geography. Professor Peter Kukla, Ph.D., congratulated the former Bachelor’s students on the completion of their degree program.