"Space Camp" Instead of the Beach


Theresa Bister and Philipp Schaffner will have lots to tell after this trip: The 17 year old school student and 19 year old secondary school graduate, respectively, were chosen for a one week stay at the Space Camp in Huntsville, Texas. The trip to the USA and the stay are financed by the German Research Center for Aeronautics and Space (DLR), which was assisted by in the ACCESS e.V. affiliated institute in choosing suitable students. Thus the specialist for metal materials and foundry processes contacted two Aachen schools in the last weeks and finally chose both candidates from all the applicants through a drawing.


The space camp is an independent organization and is supported by NASA. It offers trainings that contain similar activities to those astronauts complete to prepare for a trip into space. The camp will be completely reserved for international guests from July 21 to 29. Just like Teresa and Philipp from Germany, countries from all over the world are each sending two youths as participants in the training week.

Through the framework of a press conference, Teresa Bister and Philipp Schaffner will report with representatives from the DLR and ACCESS e.V., why they participated in the drawing and what awaits them in the space camp. Representatives from the media are warmly welcome to attend on Friday, July 6 at 1:30pm, Café Schwerelos (1st floor), ACCESS e.V., Intzestr. 5.