Certificates of Completion for Successful Apprentices

Photo of large group of people taken from above Copyright: © Andreas Schmitter

RWTH and IHK Aachen congratulate their successful apprentices.


66 apprentices at RWTH Aachen have completed their vocational training and received their certificates. Heike Borchers from the IHK Aachen, RWTH Chancellor Manfred Nettekoven, Faye Dollase from the Youth and Trainee Representation and Ursula Plum from the RWTH Staff Council congratulated the graduates during a celebration in the RWTH Guest House.

Luis Fröse, Tobias Herzner, and Martin Kobylski completed their training as building materials testers with a focus on asphalt technology.

Helena Sibilla Crützen, Senija Salihagic, Christina Wellmann and Peter Wilhelm Woopen can now call themselves chemical laboratory assistants.

Alexander Kremer was trained as an electronics technician for equipment and systems in the field of information and communication technology.

Computer science experts in the field of system integration are now: Max Bastin, Jan Eißler, Tobias Fleitmann, Marvin Heckroth, Lenard Aaron Hilgers, Fabian Müller, Achim Paul, Oliver Pötter, Melissa Sophia Rottscheidt, Leon Friedrich Scheidgen, André Steffens, Mike Urban, Mirko Weitzmann and Balázs Sándor Zsidó.

Nils Markus Mikkelsen and Kirsten Philipp Voigt completed their training as industrial mechanics specializing in equipment and systems.

Gideon Beckers, Marcel Botz, Lukas Franken, Marius Andreas Gerards, Carlos Millán Torres, Sezer Plavci, Lukas Reuls, Jana Ridt, Benjamin Schmidt, Johannes Schmitz, Christian Schmitz, Niklas Alexander Welty, and Sven Windhorst have qualified as industrial mechanics specializing in the making of precision instruments.

The following individuals are now management assistants for office management: Jaqueline Bollig, Simon Benedikt Brenner, Laura Verena Breuer, Melda Cakil, Sarah Magdalena Etzold, Michéle Ganser, Kevin Gessner, Celine Gogolin, Valérie Ghislaine Guillemin, Marco Koch, Nico Kremers, Sabrina Mathieu, Nils Rademacher, Nicole Schmitz, Lea Sieberichs, Svenja Jaqueline Stevelmanns, Julia Johanna Nikola Theissen and Rebecca Vermeeren.

Nadine Halking passed the exam to be a management assistant for marketing communication.

Benjamin Amberg is now a trained machine and plant operator with a focus on textile technology.

Carola Ludermann was trained as a digital and print media designer specializing in design and technology.

New medical assistants are Larissa Frings and Soreha Walayat.

Àngela De Diego Medoza is now a production mechanic in textile engineering.

Jan Buir has completed the training as a materials tester in the field of plastics engineering.