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Basic Information

Prof. Dr. Christian Brecher
Mechanical Engineering
Joint Technology Initiatives
Project duration:
01.04.2019 to 31.03.2023
EU contribution:
2.365.530 euros


Material Model of Case-Hardened Steels for Turbo Gear Applications


The objective of this joint effort between WZL of RWTH Aachen and Leibniz-IWT Bremen is to allow the extension of a fail-safe calculation of material life for future case-hardening steels considering the VHCF regime, which is indispensable for the new generation of epicyclic gear applications. To achieve this top-level objective, several sub-objectives have to be completed such as:

a) Develop fast rotating recirculating sub-element test rig for determining tooth root bending strength under reverse bending conditions;
b) Gain material data for two new case hardening steel developments in the VHCF-regime;
c) Develop and validate a VHCF material model.


  • Leibniz-Institut für Werkstofforientierte Technologien - IWT, Germany