Full-Service Conference Office for RWTH Aachen and University Hospital


Communication with researchers and specialists on cutting-edge topics is essential for all subject fields at RWTH Aachen and the University Hospital. New impulses, challenges, opportunities, and research results on these topics are often discussed at professional conferences. This form of communication outlines great potential for all chairs and hospitals to reflect on their methods of approach and realizations and to work out trends in the respective scientific community. Networking, the personal contact with other experts, is also a central building block of a scientific community.



Christine Cox

Head of the Conference Office


+49 241 80 97866



You Have the Idea – We Offer the Service

Aside from the composition of exciting content with presentations, keynotes, work groups, and discussions, the organization of a conference is naturally very demanding. Extensive attention to detail is required in order to address leading experts with a challenging program. The quality of a conference however, depends on the entire surroundings. Participants can only focus on the topic at hand and your conference be sucessful, when all the framework conditions, such as the room, technology, or catering, run smoothly and practically without notice,

In order to help RWTH Aachen chairs and institutions as well as clinics at the University Hospital with conference planning, a conference office is currently being established within RWTH International Academy, which, as a full service provider, will assume all necessary services as well as extras surrounding your conference

You are responsible for the content and subject-specific related points - after hearing your ideas in an advising meeting, we will assume the collection of proposals, mediation, coordination, and the implementation of the entire or part of the management: from advising regarding questions about space, technology, board, printed materials, PR and press, as well as concept development to the implementation, payment collections, and follow-up, all services will be professionally and individually supervised. Finally, many small things must often be prepared and coordinated to ensure that conference runs smoothly. Without this, you cannot concentrate on the content and networking, and contribute your professional expertise unrestricted to the substantial conception and implementation.

We accompany you to your desired result and ensure that your conference is an unforgettable experience.