RWTH Computer Science Staff Present at Gamescom




Leif Kobbelt

Chair of Computer Science 8


+49 241 80 21800



The RWTH Chair of Computer Science 8 (Computer Graphics and Multimedia) will be present at Gamescom, the world’s largest trade fair for interactive games and entertainment, in order to provide school students with information about computer science degree programs at RWTH Aachen. Several RWTH researchers and student assistants will represent the University at the RWTH stand (August 15-19, 2012, Hall 10.1, Stand E067).


According to Professor Leif Kobbelt, studying computer science with specialization in computer graphics provides a good basis for becoming a games developer:

At RWTH Aachen, students who take an interest in computer graphics, games development, or multi-media applications have the chance to specialize in these areas. The graphics effects in current computer games are based on sophisticated algorithms developed and programmed by experts. For this reason, in business and industry, there is a high demand for well-trained computer scientists. But then, these specialists are also sought after in other areas – e.g. in automotive engineering, architecture, software development, simulation, and medical engineering. Today, graphical representations are used wherever complex data and processes have to be represented and made graspable to users.

Professor Leif Kobbelt

As part of lab courses and internships, RWTH students already have developed multiple computer games in the past. Also, there is an RWTH working group dedicated to the development of computer games. One of these games will be presented at this year’s Gamescom.