Field of Action: Strengthening Leadership Ability

  RWTH Aachen employees talking Copyright: © Thilo Vogel

The success of our employees depends largely on the leadership qualities of their superiors. In our view, human resource management means to support and motivate our employees in their work, particularly with regard to their own personal needs, and especially health needs. The aim should be that the common goals of the university can be attained and our employees can successfully plan and pursue their own careers and professional development activities.


University executives are supported by training and counseling services. Through our services we want to ensure that university executives

  • show tolerance and respect for personality of each individual,
  • get joyfully and passionately involved in achieving goals and are enthusiastic about them,
  • act in a self-reflective manner and know their own strengths and weaknesses and seek regular feedback,
  • set high and achievable peformance and quality standards for themselves,
  • provide clarity about goals and communicate them transparently,
  • respond appropriately to below-average and above-average performance and react flexibly and appropriately in different situations,
  • actively seek cooperation with others,
  • create a trusting work environment,
  • are able to adjust to employees and colleagues in terms of language and content so that problems can be openly addressed and conflicts can be resolved,
  • promote teamwork,
  • know the characteristics and strengths of international staff members and appreciate and encourage them,
  • are aware of the different roles of their employees and can respond to them in their daily management routine, such as individual arragements for mothers and fathers and reducing language barriers for international staff,
  • use competency-based selection procedures for selecting employees and train new employees in a targeted, reasonable manner.