Field of Action: Promoting Capacity for Innovation and Research

  Students having a conversation Copyright: © Thilo Vogel

Capacity for innovation and research is the extent to which employees are able to make significant and visible scientific discoveries and create innovations, both individually and in teams.


With the services we want to achieve that every scientist at RWTH Aachen

  • abides to the principles of good scientific practice,
  • is provided with scope for the development of scientific work,
  • combines divergent and synergistic thinking with analytical thinking and solution-oriented approaches,
  • steps in for his or her own ideas and seeks to implement them even in the face of difficulties or opposition,
  • is quick to identify future topics,
  • successfully engages in the acquisition of external funding,
  • participates in the design of an open work environment in which ideas can be realized,
  • supports qualified junior staff in research projects and their scientific ambitions,
  • understands science as international, participates in international networking activities, operates internationally, and is recognized internationally through publications, lectures, and product developments,
  • recognizes the opportunities of interdisciplinary research for the development and implementation of innovative research projects and develops them together with his or her team.