Field of Action: Building a Sense of Community and “We-Feeling”

  RWTH Aachen employees talking Copyright: © Thilo Vogel

Our sense of community or “we-feeling” is a unifying element that is greatly enhanced by a positive working environment and thus influences both the ability and the willingness to perform.


With the services we want to ensure that each and every employee of RWTH Aachen

  • feels part of RWTH Aachen and is happy to be working here,
  • respectfully and confidently works with all colleagues to achieve a positive interaction through honesty, openness, loyalty, and cooperation,
  • internally and externally advocates the interests of RWTH Aachen,
  • masters challenges through the leadership style of university executives,
  • familiarizes and identifies themselves with the rules and objectives of RWTH Aachen,
  • strengthens the group spirit through joint activities.