Field of Action: Promoting Commitment to Performance

  Event participants talking with each other Copyright: © Thilo Vogel

Commitment to performance represents the extent to which we as employees are motivated and dedicated to achieving the common objectives of RWTH Aachen.


With the services we want to ensure that each and every employee of RWTH Aachen

  • is aware of the social significance of research, teaching, and training,
  • knows and identifies with the objectives of RWTH Aachen and supports their achievement through his or her actions,
  • reflects on his or her own goals, identifies them and takes the necessary steps to realize them,
  • is provided with adequate resources and autonom for his or her actions and is in a position to take advantage of this latitude in decision-making,
  • is provided with feedback options and learns to give as well as receive appropriate feedback,
  • works on tasks that suit his or her interests and abilities,
  • learns not to be discouraged by setbacks,
  • is valued and behaves respectfully and appreciatively towards others,
  • strengthens his or her team and supports other colleagues.