Field of Action for Human Resources Development

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Personal development is a lifelong process which refers to the change in one’s own roles, needs, goals, and competencies.


Promote Personal Development

With our services we want to ensure that each and every employee of RWTH Aachen

  • swants to and is able to grow on a personal and professional level,
  • has confidence in his or her own development potential,
  • develops professional goals and coordinates them with the university management, if needed,
  • extends the ability to reflect on his or her own motives, needs, strengths, and weaknesses,
  • is motivated and able to independently take on challenging tasks,
  • expands his or her expertise in the field of project management and self-managment and is not discouraged by setbacks,
  • expands social skills, especially teamwork and conflict resolution skills,
  • develops stress management skills and resilience,
  • recognizes and uses individual possiblities of reconciling professional and private roles.