Field of Action: Strengthening Equality and Diversity

  Workshop situation Copyright: © Thilo Vogel

Gender & Diversity

Equality and diversity are important to RWTH Aachen as deciding characteristics of an innovative and lively university.


With our services we want to ensure that

  • the members of the University know the general legal guidelines for the production and guarantee of a non-discriminating environment,
  • the participation rights of the staff council, the representative for disabled individuals, and the equal opportunities officers are known, they are worked with confidingly, and the distinct roles of the actors are known,
  • managers and employees know which bodies of the University they can address with questions or problems,
  • there is a common intention and an agreed process for the continuous development of gender and diversity concepts and strategies,
  • the members of the University can develop a comprehensive self-competence on gender and diversity ,
  • employees know how to use the diversity of University members as a resource for scientific progress and
  • members of the University are supported in bringing in the diversity of life and professional life experiences, perspectives, and values into their research or work area.