Gold Medal for Carologistics Team


The Carologistics Team, consisting of students and research assistants from the Knowledge-Based Systems Group of RWTH and the Institute of Mobile Autonomous Systems and Cognitive Robotics of FH Aachen, recently received the gold medal in the RoboCup Logistics League in Sydney, Australia.


The nerve-racking finale of the RoboCup ended with a clear victory for the Aachen team, who won gold with 192:109 points against GRIPS, a team from Graz University of Technology. The Logistics League also intends to show what will be possible in so-called "smart factories" in the coming years from the perspective of their research. Against the background of the "Industry 4.0" concept, the individual production steps must be broken down into smaller steps to subsequently automate them. The robots act completely autonomously on the playing field and have to master even the most complex of tasks totally by themselves.

Besides the games, the Logistics League also included a second competition – the Technical Challenge. Since the team was not able to take part in the Challenge at the last RoboCup, hopes were high that they would repeat their success from the first competition this time. And they were not disappointed – a system the team developed, in which image recognition works on the basis of neural networks, also led Carologistics to victory in this competition.

After a quick break, the team will commence preparations for the next RoboCup, which will take place in Bordeaux, France.