RWTH Aachen Is Family-Friendly


RWTH Aachen has been certified as a family-friendly university for another three years. An intense audit process preceded this recognition. Within the framework of “family-friendly university audit,” the berufundfamilie gGmbH has honored the university for its efforts in the development of sustainable human resources and management for all members of RWTH Aachen. Factors leaving an impression included the services created by the Family Services Center and structural approaches, such as for the dependable composition of work contracts or the consideration of the “Golden Rules of Family-Friendly Leadership” made by executive management.


In addition to the continuation and the expansion of instruments and structures, which have been in place since 2009 and particularly ensure compatibility between family and career, the focus now lies on further expanding family-friendly study conditions. In cooperation with university management, students, the faculties, and service institutions, measures were created that enable an individual suitable study layout for students who are responsible for caring someone, for example children or dependants requiring care.