Alumni Get-Together in Hamburg

Alumni visit the Elb Tunnel Headquarters in Hamburg Copyright: © Winfried Sturm

25 alumni got together on September 21, 2012, to visit the Elb Tunnel Headquarters. Participants were able to ask Mr. Schröder and the guide, the deputy head of the Elb Tunnel Headquarters, Mr. Marc Lenuweit, many questions before the tour even started.


To start off, the group visited the supply and exhaust air hall. Participants then had an unusual view of the Autobahn. Afterwards they watched a movie about the construction of the first three pipes. While Mr. Schröder and Mr. Lenuweit skillfully answered questions, in the background, pictures of a burning truck from spring 2011 could be viewed. After a detour in an escape tunnel with a look into one of the pipes, the group visited the control station for the operation center to end their tour. Everyone was very impressed and aware that they were being constantly watched during the tour through the tunnel.

Participants meet together after the tour for food and conversation. Heartfelt thanks to our alumnus Christoph Schröder, who made this exciting tour possible, and Dr. Winfried Sturm, who coordinates the alumni activities in Hamburg!