Number of Students at RWTH Aachen Continues to Increase


The number of enrolled students at RWTH Aachen continues to increase: According the data available as of October 1, almost 37000 students are enrolled for this semester, 31 percent of which are women.


A total of 6500 new students have enrolled so far for the winter semester. Compared to winter semester 2011/12, that is about 800 new students less, since many courses of study that previously had open admission now have restricted admission. The number of new enrollments however continues to increase, compared to winter semester 2010/11, where the number of new enrollments totaled 6000.

4700 new students are enrolled for a Bachelor course of study; 1500 students are starting a Master course of study this semester. About half are new enrollments, whereas the other half are Bachelor graduates, who are staying at RWTH Aachen to puruse their Master's. Almost 500 new students are starting a teacher training program, and 300 are starting at the Faculty of Medicine for a degree ending with the Staatsexamen. Additionally, there are over 200 new Erasmus students. New enrollments in Diploma and Magister courses of study have not been possible for a few semesters now.

A total of almost 1200 new international students have enrolled so far, making up 18 percent of all new enrollments. 2200 women have enrolled until now, counting for 34 percent of all new enrollments.

The final number of students will be announced on November 5.