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Narrative experiment at RWTH Aachen during the Sixteenth Aachen Narration Festival


What happens, when centuries or millenia old cosmologic sagas, myths, and stories meet knowledge and ideas from physics research? What references come up in the narrative exchange of a "keeper" (a guard of old stories) and a scientist? What did our ancestors suspect or know and include in narratives that are still current today? The experiment brings together people from what appears to be different worlds, and aims at challenging and finding out, whether the past of humans and the possible future have something to do with each other. Together with the audience, RWTH Aachen professor and cosmologist Michael Krämer (Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics), George Macpherson (Scotland), and Louise Profeit-Leblanc (Canada) will go on an exciting trip into the unknown.

The event, held entirely in English, will take place Saturday, October 6, 2012, at 3pm in the Super C Ford Hall, Templergraben 57. Entry to the event is three euros. Tickets are only available at the door.

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