Further Education for Mathematics Lessons in Upper Classes


The RWTH Aachen Department of Mathematics is hosting a further education day on October 27, 2012, for practicing and prospective teachers. The event is organized together with the funding organization MNU – Deutscher Verein zur Förderung des mathematischen und naturwissenschaftlichen Unterrichts e.V. – situated in Hamburg. The target group is teachers and applicants to teacher training programs as well as students already studying teacher training and members of the university.


The plenary session will focus on constructive and thoughtful examination of current developments in mathematics in upper classes in North Rhine-Westphalia. The workshops will concretely deal with important subsections of mathematics in the Sekundarstufe II. Topics include the G-8 Abitur, the analysis or statistics in relation to the effectiveness of medications, using the example of doping with Red Bull.

The further education day begins at 9:30am with plenary presentations and ends with a final discussion at 5pm. The event is being held at the RWTH Aachen Main Building, Templergraben 55.