Management Assistant for Dialogue Marketing


Brief Info

  1. Secondary School-Leaving Certificate: Fachoberschulreife; the applicants should be able to submit proof of good grades in German, English, and mathematics.
  2. Selection Process: Application, trial period, interview
  3. Personal Requirements: Enjoy working with people and in a team, organized, good speaking and writing skills, interested in IT and modern communication technology
  4. Aptitude Test: Yes. You must pass the test to continue on to the selection process.
  5. Length of Training: Three years
  6. Professional Association: Industrie- und Handelskammer Aachen
  7. Exam: Mid exam and final exam
  8. Continued Training and Courses of Study: Call center business administrator, call center manager, business administrator for marketing and advertising or sales and marketing

Vocation Description

Management assistants for dialogue marketing are all-around talents who can work in service, call, or customer centers in industrial, trade, and service settings or in commercial companies, both in business and administration sections.

Their most important tasks are customer acquisition, support, and retention. They organize talks with clients and determine measures for improving communication. Their outstanding social and communication skills are a key feature of their work.

At vocational school, various rhetorical devices and commercial content are taught but besides project management aspects. Dealing with different PC applications and the ability to use modern communication channels (e.g. email, social media) are also on the curriculum.

Self-organization, coordination, and documentation skills are just a few examples of the competencies acquired in practical training. Furthermore, you will have your own projects, develop marketing strategies, and enjoy interesting weeks where you can share your ideas. The apprentices will get to know the different departments of the It Center and their individual tasks over their training period.

The apprentices' daily routine includes providing telephone and written support to clients. Incoming inquiries will be processed together with the staff. The know-how for support is taught in various training courses. The focus is on providing professional support to customers.


Practical Training

Training takes place at the RWTH IT Center.

School Training

Lessons take place twice a week at the Berufskolleg an der Lindenstraße, Lindenstraße 78, 50674 Cologne.


Salary, Job Ticket, and Vacation during Training

Training Salary:

1st Training Year: 1,086.82 euros

2nd Training Year: 1,140.96 euros

3rd Training Year: 1,190.61 euros

Contributions to capital formation: 13.29 euros

Job Ticket: starting July 1, 2023, 24 euros a month

Christmas Bonus: 95 percent of November salary

Vacation Days: 30 days a year




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