Experience the Entrepreneurs' Day & Night


From November 9 to 16, RWTH Aachen will host the so-called Entrepreneur’s Week, offering a program of talks, workshops and competitions on the topic of entrepreneurship and company start-ups.  A highlight of the week will be the Founder’s Day (“GründerTag”) organized by the RWTH Entrepreneurship Center (Gründerzentrum): On November 15, there will be talks and presentations by experienced entrepreneurs, including Dr. Niko Wäsche, Jan Miczaika, and Uwe Lübbermann. Young and aspiring entrepreneurs will also have the chance to get detailed information on starting a business by visiting the Entrepreneurship Fair.


At the subsequent Entrepreneurs' Night, Professor Brettel and the Gründerzentrum Team look forward to a panel discussion with panelists  Dr. Gerald Schönbucher (Founder of “Hitmeister”) und Dr. Dieter Kraft (Robert Bosch Venture Capital).  Prior to the panel discussion, Johannes Bruder, the managing director of Rocket Internet, one of the most successful venture builders worldwide, will deliver  the keynote speech.

Please note: Entrance to the events is free of charge, but the number of participants is limited. You can register for then events at the Gründerzentrum website (in German). There you can also find the Entrenpreneurs' Day & Night program and an overview of events for business start-ups .