Number of RWTH Aachen Students at All-Time High


The final number of students at RWTH Aachen has been finalized following the last survey day on November 5, 2012. A total of 37917 students are enrolled at RWTH Aachen, 31 percent of which are women. This surpasses the all-time high from 1991 by 641 students.


A total of 7288 new students have enrolled for the winter semester. Compared to winter semester 2011/2012, that is 895 new enrollments less, since some courses of study that previously had open admission now have restricted admission. In comparison to winter semester 2010/11, where the number of new enrollments was 6213, and to other past years, the number of new enrollments is steadily increasing.

4777 new students have enrolled for a Bachelor course of study. A total of 999 students who completed their Bachelor degree at another university are now starting a Master course of study at RWTH Aachen. About the same number of students who finished their Bachelor at RWTH Aachen are also continuing with their Master's degree here. 469 new students are beginning a teacher training course of study, while 300 are beginning a Staatsexamen degree at the Faculty of Medicine. Additionally, there are over 400 new exchange students and 200 new enrollments for doctoral programs.

There are 2526 new female students enrolled, making up 34.7 percent of the new enrollments. The number of international students is 1595, composing 21.9 percent of new enrollments.