Khatuna Kakhiani

  Khatuna Kakhiani Copyright: Timo Merki Dr. Khatuna Kakhiani

Of course I can imagine working as researcher and teacher at RWTH Aachen.

Dr. Khatuna Kakhiani

"Ja natürlich, ich kann mir das sehr gut vorstellen, an der RWTH als Wissenschaftlerin und Dozentin zu arbeiten." The Georgian scientist Dr. Khatuna Kakhiani, Tbilisi State University, answers in fluent German. This does not come as a surprise. After having finished her studies in chemistry in her home country, she pursued her doctoral studies in Germany and received her doctoral degree with distinction at the Technical University of Karlsruhe in 2004. Her „Doktorvater“ was Prof. Horst Hippler, current president of the German Rector´s Conference. Just recently, Dr. Kakhiani visited RWTH Aachen University to take part in High-Performance Computing Workshops of the RWTH Center for Computing and Communication. She was joined by her colleague and fellow researcher Dr. Kakha Tsereteli. Both were thrilled to see the high-computing capacity of RWTH Aachen University. „This enables acceleration, one-hundred times than that of what we are used to, if applications are developed accordingly! “

Second Visit at RWTH Aachen

After her doctorate Dr. Kakhiani intensified her research in Computational Chemical Reaction Dynamics and high-performance computing in the USA. Dr. Kakhiani actually got notice of the workshop offered by the RWTH Center for Computing and Communication during a previous visit at RWTH Aachen University. In fact, in 2012 she was a DAAD-research fellow in the research group of Prof. Dr. Ravi Xavier Fernandes at the Shock Wave Laboratory, SWL, in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at RWTH Aachen University. This time at the workshop, she brought along her research colleague from her home university. „We are looking for new approaches in the development of simulation software for the Material Sciences. With its hands-on approach RWTH Aachen University is the best place to learn this“, explains Dr. Tsereteli.

  Kakha Tsereteli Copyright: Timo Merki Dr. Kakha Tsereteli

The researchers´ aim is to also establish a working group that conducts research in High-Performance Computing in Georgia. Needless to say, both scientists are also attracted by the city Aachen and would like to revisit it. “Aachen offers a healthy co-existence of both old and new”, they say. “The special location of Aachen and its friendly people make the city a great place to live. Aachen gives a feeling of being in the center of Europe, but at the same time being at home.”

Alumni Ambassador for RWTH Aachen

For now, Dr. Kakhiani looks forward to her engagement as alumni ambassador for RWTH Aachen, a position she has taken on in the project Research Alumni of RWTH Aachen University. “All Georgian universities organize a `German Day´ each year in May where one is informed about study opportunities in Germany and about joint German-Georgian educational programs. I would be glad to present RWTH Aachen University in detail next year at Tbilisi State University“.


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