Let's Now Build a House on the Moon – The Moon Factory Projects

Thursday, June 15, 2023, 6:30pm

The exploration of space – especially of our closest celestial neighbor, the moon – has fascinated humankind for decades. But unlike in the Apollo era, this time it is about staying and building a settlement on the moon. Constructing a building on the moon is no longer just a vision, but a topic currently explored at RWTH. But what does it take to build a settlement on the moon? Raw materials and special know-how!

In short lectures, the concept of the "Moon Factory" is presented, which deals with how raw materials available on the moon can be extracted, processed, and used.

Where? Lecture Hall H05 | C.A.R.L. Lecture Hall Complex | Claßenstraße 11
  • Alexandra Radl, Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies, RWTH 
  • Stephan Kalapis, Institute of Structural Mechanics and Lightweight Design, RWTH 
  • Dr. Alexander Niecke, Institut für Textiltechnik und Lehrstuhl für Textilmaschinenbau, RWTH
Host RWTHextern in collaboration with the RWTH institutes ITA, SLA, and AMT
Admission free
Registration not required