Collective Incubator



Collective Incubator


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The Collective Incubator is one of the major forward-looking projects of RWTH Aachen University: the real-world platform, to be situated on RWTH Aachen Campus, shall foster dialog and exchange between students, researchers, and companies.

Embedded in the university environment with its intellectual, infrastructural and technological resources, the platform will provide student projects, initiatives and start-up companies with an ideal environment for entrepreneurship and growth.

The Collective Incubator lies at the heart of the RWTH Excellence Start-Up Center, which receives funding from the Ministry of Economic Affairs of North Rhine-Westphalia. The Center is to support and speed up the growth of start-ups and guide new companies to success.

The Collective Incubator will feature office and conference spaces as well as a large open space for interdisciplinary exchange and creative activities. In addition, workshop facilities for metal, wood, textile and electronics processing as well as additive manufacturing will be established.


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