Lecture Series: Technology in Everyday Life in 2030


Whether it's a smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, e-scooter or electric car: technical devices are omnipresent in our everyday lives and their development is sometimes taking place at a breakneck pace. To illustrate the development and the scientific research behind it, the series "Technology in Everyday Life in 2030" is dedicated to technical innovations that are likely to be with us as a matter of course in just a few years.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2023, 6:30pm

The Renaissance of the Hands: Smart Textiles and Furniture in the House of the Future

Over millions of years, evolution has equipped humanity with hands and fingers capable of the most complex grasping movements, subtle perceptions, and expressive touches and gestures to interact with and comprehend the environment. Yet today's devices do not take advantage of these rich capabilities. The vision for the future, on which not only the chair but numerous groups in Germany and abroad are researching, is quite different. We are developing technologies and interaction concepts with which, in the future, everyday objects, from the armrest of the sofa to the dining table to your favorite blanket, can be touched and manipulated to conveniently control smart devices and environments . You'll be able to do this whether at home or in a hotel, and without having to learn how to operate them from scratch every time.

Where? Lecture Theater I | RWTH Main Building | Templergraben 55
Speaker Prof. Jan Borchers, Chair for Computer Science 10