Stiftung Mercator supports RWTH Aachen


RWTH Aachen is among the winners in the  “CollecTeach – Teaching and Learning with Objects” competition organized by Stiftung Mercator (“SammLehr – an Objekten lehren und lernen”). The successful proposal is titled “Learning Using Medical Objects: Instruments and Devices in Medical Education.” Out of the 96 entries, nine were selected to receive financial support from the private foundation.


Professor Dominik Groß, Chair of the History, Theory and Ethics of Medicine and responsible for the medical historical collection at RWTH Aachen, is very pleased with the funding sum of 52000 Euros:

“This sum will be used to finance additional personnel and resources, so that we can enhance the curriculum by incorporating medical objects in teaching and learning, based on modern educational methods. In everyday practice, medical instruments are introduced and operated pragmatically, a historically and functionally oriented examination of their working principles usually does not take place.”

The project’s key goals include to make students aware of the effects of even simple instruments and devices on the relationship between physician and patient and to provide knowledge the basics of the underlying technology and working principles.