RWTH Historians Publish "Encylopedia of Ancient History"


RWTH Aachen historians were involved in the "Encylopedia of Ancient History", that has recently been published with 13 volumes. The goal of the lexicon is to gather all of the crucial aspects of ancient history and to serve as the foundation for studies in ancient history worldwide. An international team of publishers and authors worked on the publication, that covers the entire spectrum of history in the Mediterranean region from the Bronze Age to the begin of the Arabic expansion. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Klaus Freitag, RWTH Aachen Chair of Ancient History: "The members of the Chair of Ancient History contributed about 30 of the article in the encyclopedia, including those on 'Corinth', 'Antoninus Pius', and 'Historiography, Late Antique'. These topics are being intensively researched at RWTH Aachen. The international visibility of ancient history research in Aachen is very clear with our contributions in this publication."