New UNESCO Chair for World Heritage at RWTH Aachen

© Martin Lux

A new UNESCO Chair of Urban and Cultural Landscapes has been introduced at RWTH Aachen. Chair holder is architect, Professor Kunibert Wachtet, who has directed the RWTH Aachen Institute of Urban Construction and Regional Planning since 1999. With this new chair, UNESCO honors his involved work in the responsible development of urban and cultural landscapes through research and teaching. Natural disasters, tourism, migration, infrastructure measures, and climate change require sustainable solutions for world heritage sites.


The UNITWIN/UNESCO Chair Program has existed since 1992. 750 "UNESCO Chairs" and 69 inter-university networks in 134 countries collaborate in the worldwide network. The chairs serve to support international academic collaborations and intercultural dialogue. There are currently nine UNESCO chairs in Germany, including those for human rights, cultural education, and marine geology. The German UNESCO Commission coordinates the chair program in German under the direction of UNESCO.

Press release from the German UNESCO Commission