Sobbe-Stiftung Prize Awarded for First Time

Sobbe Stiftung award winners © RWTH Aachen

Prizes from the Wilhelm Heinrich Sobbe-Stiftung were awarded at RWTH Aachen during a celebration held by the Division of Mining Engineering, Mineral Processing and Recycling. The best Bachelor and Master theses and the best dissertation from graduates in the mining engineering course of study received recognition.


Friedrich-Wilhelm Sobbe, creator of the foundation who died in 2008, left his entire legacy to the founation. Up till his death he owned the company Sobbe, an important fuse manufacturer in Dortmund-Derne founded in 1909, that still flourishes today. Sobbe's production program encompasses electrical and mechanical fuses, ignition cables, pyrotechnical assemblies, and a number of special models. The foundation's tasks include promoting teaching and reasearch in mining and particularly the promotion of young scientists. The best theses are awarded with 1500, 2500, and 4000 Euros. The following students were recognized this year for their theses:

  • Mr. Sebastian Mletzko for his Bachelor thesis titled "Quarrying in Switzerland, Deposits and Extraction Techniques“
  • Ms. Johanna Georg for her Master's thesis titled "Risk Analysis for Unconventional Natural Gas Deposits in North Rhein-Westphalia“ and
  • Mr. Dr. Johannes Krings for his dissertation "Development of an Extraction System for Fast Production of Thin Platinum Deposits in the South African Bushveld Complex Based on Modern Cutting Technology“.

Professor Martens and speaker of the division, Professor Wotruba, handed out the certificates from the Sobbe-Stiftung.