Earlier Name Change Possible for Transgender People at RWTH




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The Rector’s Office decided to allow name changes for people whose gender identity is not (yet) legally official in its meeting on July 9, 2019. 


The person concerned must have submitted an application to the local court for a change of name or civil status in accordance with the Transsexuellengesetz – Transsexuals Act and possess an additional identity card issued by the German Society for Transsexuality and Intersexuality – dgti e.V. Although it may still be necessary to indicate their previous identity when corresponding with third parties, e.g. health insurance providers the tax office, the pension office, this innovation marks an improvement in the living, studying, and working conditions for transgender people and a step closer to equality. Any students wishing to make use of this new regulation should contact the Registrar’s Office, while staff members should contact the Department of Human Resources.