Vocational Training at RWTH Successfully Completed

Group photo of 2013 RWTH apprentices Copyright: © Martin Lux

61 apprentices at RWTH Aachen received their completion certificates. They learned one of nine vocations in different institutions and institutes at the university and successfully passed their exams. Heinz Gehlen from the IHK Aachen handed out the certificates. Chancellor Manfred Nettekoven and the Chair of the Staff Council Herbert Kirch congratulated the recipients.


Corinna Victoria Steimel completed her vocational training to become a chemical laboratory assistant.

Tom Hauten, David Ritter, and Andreas Schröder are now electricians for devices and systems.

Thomas Friedrich Hellmanzik, Jean Kahrs, Christian Franke, Johannes Kullick, Besnik Kurti, Dirk Meier, Christian Schütze, and Zoryslav Solovyov all passed the final exam for the IT specialist vocation with a specialization in system integration.

The largest group of successful apprentices was in the vocation industrial mechanic: Maximilian Arens, Hendrik Baedorf, Dominic Barth, Mathäus Bugdol, Torsten Doetsch, Jannis Fahnenschreiber, Tobias Held, Jan Hilbrich, Petra Hubert, Marvin Jansen, Dennis Ralph Kaliga, Austen Korst, Christian Künstler, Patrick Markus Linsen, Patrick Mallmann, Cedric Mertens, Pascal Müller, Nadine Müller, Dennis Nysten, Dennis Poschmann, Dennis Patrick Potempa, Michel Klaus Maria Quadflieg, David Steve Radtke, Felix Richter, Tobias Rübben, Aron Salm, Dennis Sankalla, Alexej Schenkelberg, Daniel Schröder, Andreas Schumacher, Tim Seifener, Sebastian Sodermanns, Jan Thorwesten, and Sebastian Welde.

Stefanie Abels, Marco Carboni, Nina Dorschu, Sven Frosihn, Melissa Cheyenne Gerards, and Sarah Söns were trained to become management assistants for office communication.

Martin Jürgen Kempen, Jennifer Leuchtenberg, Marco Mathar, and Markus Renneberg are now technical drawers.

Andre Hellebrandt received his completion certificate in automotive mechatronics engineering.

Daniel Jeranek, Fabian Kokot, and nd Simon Reckort received their diplomas for their training to become materials testers, and Jan Schulz his to become a construction materials tester.