Master of Science in Management and Engineering in Production Systems


RWTH Aachen University is collaborating with the Dutch Maastricht School of Management, MSM for short, to offer a new Master course of study titled "Master of Science in Management and Engineering in Production Systems" starting Winter Semester 2013/13. The English language Master is a joint degree that offers international and German students a unique possibility  to combine engineering studies at RWTH Aachen University with the management studies of a foreign partner university, MSM in the Netherlands, within a two-year program.


The RWTH Aachen Faculty of Mechanical Engineering provides the technical portion of the Master program in industrial engineering with a concentration on production systems, which is taught during the first two semesters in Aachen. During the third semester, students are taught management in Maastricht, during which they will acquire management skills that will prepare them for leadership positions in a globalized commerical world.

RWTH International Academy, which is responsible for organizing the program and mentoring the students, has established its own scholarship for excellent RWTH Aachen Bachelor graduates, to cover the cost of the tuition fees.