Johanna Heitzer is "Mathematician of the Month"




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Univ.-Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Johanna Heitzer has been named Mathematician of the Month by the German Mathematical Society. The society, which connects 5000 mathematicians, awards this distinction who inspre through their involvement in mathematics. Since September 2011, Heitzer has been in charge of Didactics in Mathematics at RWTH Aachen. The 42 year old taught at a Gymnasium before obtaining her doctorate. Her focuses include the development of teaching materials. She has had work on "health and mathematics" published in "mathematik lehre", the journal on mathematics lessons. "Health and medicine are topics that affect everyone. Math class in school can be implemented in different ways for different age groups. Here functions, different ways of depiction, statistics, and medical technology with a focus on signal processing can be worked on and advanced  ," said Heitzer. The professor tests her ideas in workshops with school children. She also supervises numerous projects on the transition from school to university and is the contact partner for prospective students.