Student Team Successful in Marketing Communication Competition




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As "Team Aachen", students from RWTH Aachen and the FH won third place at the 21st GWA Junior Agency. The GWA Junior Agency is a competition for young adults in marketing communication. In the competition, students from a business and art faculties or universities work together with an advertising agency. The Berlin advertising agency Heimat was the Aachen students' partner for their copyright campaign "LEGAL? ILLEGAL? NICHT EGAL!“. The campaign was particularly praised for its successful change in perspective: from the accusations of those, who breach copyright, to the producers of ideas. Examples of ideas were cooking recipes, pictures, and texts, which are all protected by copyright. The students presented a TV program, in which "Grandma Käthe's" recipe for cheesecake is stolen. The program ended with the appeal: "What belongs to you, should remain yours. Respect the creator"" The students from RWTH Aachen were advised by Univ.-Prof. Dr.oec. Daniel Wentzel from the Chair of Marketing. Prof. Christoph Scheller from the Department of Design advised the students from FH Aachen.