School Students Learn about the World of Computer Science at RWTH Aachen


40 school students from grades 9 to 13 are participating in the Aachen Computer Science Days from March 7 to 10, 2013. The Department of Computer Science is holding the event for the third time in collaboration with the RWTH Aachen School Project Office and the Verein mathematisch-naturwissenschaftlicher Excellence-Center an Schulen e.V.. Participants of the Aachen Computer Science Days were successful either in the Federal Computer Science Competition or registered in the STEM Winter School, which RWTH Aachen holds in collaboration with MINT-EC. During the four days, the school students investigate what computer science is and learn about different topics and fields in computer science. The program includes topics from the areas programming languages, search algorithms, artificial intelligence, parallel programming, undecidability, and communication. Theoretical algorithms will be implemented through programming lego mindstorm robots, which will face off against each other in a multi-player game.