46th Essen Conference




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The 46th Essen Conference for Water and Waste Management is taking place from March 13 to 15, 2013, at the Eurogress, Monheimsallee 48, Aachen. This year's topic is "Resource Protection as an Interdisciplinary Responsibility". The event organizers, RWTH Aachen Chair of Residential Water and Waste Management, the Research Institute for Water and Waste Management at RWTH Aachen, the Institut zur Förderung der Wassergüte- und Wassermengenwirtschaft e.V., and the NRW Federal State Office for Nature, the Environment, and Consumer Protection in coordination with the NRW Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Agriculture, Nature Conservation and Consumer Protection, are expecting around 900 participants.


Resource protection is the focus of this year's program. Natural resources such as water, soil, and raw materials are the basis of life and the basis of all economies. The current use of resources is far greater than the natural regeneration ability of the earth, resulting in the impairment of the development of prosperity and the economy. Additionally, the environment is being damaged by the use of resources, such as the effect of greenhouse gases on the atmosphere or pollutants in bodies of water.

70 presentations will provide a current overview of all relevant fields. Companies will also present their products and services. On Friday, March 15, two field excursions will provide participants with a look at actual practices.


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