RWTH Aachen University Distances Itself From Vladimir Iliescu


RWTH is appalled by the historian’s statements on the holocaust in Romania


On February 14, 2013, at an event at the Romanian Academy, Bucharest, historian Prof. Vladimir Iliescu, who has taught at RWTH Aachen in the past, aroused indignation with his statements on the Romanian holocaust. In his address, Iliescu did not deny the persecution and murder of Jews and Roma in general. His statement, however, that it would be a “cosmic lie” to “talk of a Romanian Holocaust” and that there were only 120,000 victims, and his claim that the Jews in the Old Kingdom were able to live an almost “normal” life, definitely have no basis in reality.

With great alarm and utter incomprehension RWTH Aachen has learnt of Vladimir Iliescu’s personal opinion. The University firmly and clearly disassociates itself from his statements, which do not do justice to the fate of the people, nor do they meet academic standards.

Immediately after Vladimir Iliescu’s statements at the Romanian Academy became known, RWTH Aachen cancelled the historian’s teaching contract. For a short time in 1985, the 87-year-old was temporary professor of Ancient History at RWTH Aachen. In 1993, he was appointed supernumerary professor. In recent years, he delivered survey lectures on Eastern European history without remuneration. As far as the University knows, Iliescu does not have any publications on the topic of the holocaust.