Franziska Schoenebeck to Conduct Research at RWTH Aachen


NRW Returning Scholars Program Provides Funding for a Research Group


On June 1, 2013, the chemist Franziska Schoenebeck, Ph.D., will take up her work as Professor at the Institute of Organic Chemistry at RWTH Aachen University. She was selected for funding by the jury of the "Program to Support the Return of Highly Qualified Scholars from Abroad" by the Federal State of NRW. Receiving 1.25 million Euros in funding for the next five years, she will be able to establish a research group at the University.

Since 2010, the 30-year old researcher has been Assistant Professor of Physical Organic Chemistry at ETH Zürich. She studied Chemistry in Berlin and Glasgow and continued her career as a doctoral and postdoctoral candidate in Glasgow and Los Angeles.

Her key research areas include the development of novel, environmentally friendly catalysts for energy-efficient processes and sustainable transformations using experimental approaches and computational tools.