Natural Sciences at RWTH Aachen Ranked Excellent in CHE Study


The Centre for Higher Education Development, CHE for short, has published the “Diverse Excellence 2012” university rankings list, which provides an assessment of the natural science disciplines at German universities and universities of applied sciences. The study ranks RWTH Aachen to be nationally leading in several disciplines. Rector Ernst Schmachtenberg is pleased with these results: “The University can be proud of its performance in this ranking.”


The biology departments are considered outstanding in their application-oriented research: this is evidenced by the amount of external funding from business and industry and the student assessments in the ‘professional relevance’ category. The departments are also among the best nationally in student focus and student-friendliness: concerning student supervision, study conditions and degree program conception, the Aachen biology departments are placed in the group of top universities.

Chemistry at RWTH Aachen is considered particularly strong for its research capability: it is among the leaders nationally in external funding – both absolute and relative –, in number of publications and doctoral theses, and citations per researcher. The RWTH Chemistry departments are also considered excellent for their application-oriented education.

The Aachen Geosciences achieve outstanding results in the "practice orientation" category, as is evidenced, among other things, by the amount of external funding generated by the Geosciences departments.

The students are also pleased with their university, as is demonstrated by the very good assessments of the medicine and mathematics degree programs. The Mathematics students are very pleased with the overall study conditions and the conception of the degree programs. The medicine degree course at RWTH is rated excellent in all categories, i.e. supervision, study content, program conception, and study conditions.