Siemens Venture Cup 2013 at RWTH Aachen


Preparations for this year's Siemens Venture Cup are already underway: Starting now, interested students can apply to participate in the business game till April 26, 2013.


This year's participating team will work on a real case study from the Siemens corporation. This year's study is from the field of robotics.

The goal of the case study carried out by the collaboration between Siemens Management Consulting, SMC, the Chair of Business and Engineering for Enginers and Natural Scientists, WIN, and the Siemens Center of Knowledge Interchange, CKI, is to give RWTH Aachen students a better idea of the work the Siemens corporation does through a practical event and to teach them about interesting aspects of the consulting business. Furthermore, students have the possibility to establish initial contact with representatives of Siemens AG and to practice soft skills within the systematic approach to problems from a business and engineering perspective.


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