RWTH Students Present Ideas for Aachen's Premium Paths


Project results presented at "Mobility Special" event on September 22, 2019, in Aachen.


Architecture students from RWTH Aachen University examined the ten "premium paths" that the city of Aachen is planning for pedestrians. The idea of the premium paths goes back to the 2022 inner-city concept. The aim is to lead walkers along an attractive network of trails through the city and out to the suburban green spaces, also offering them places to linger. Supported by the city of Aachen, the students, in cooperation with the RWTH Institute of Landscape Architecture, found ways to draw attention to the topic of pedestrian traffic. They offered creative activities along the routes and asked passers-by for their opinions regarding the quality of their time spent in the pedestrian areas, also considering usability and safety. There was a beach at Augustinerplatz, palm-lined islands on Henger Herjott's Fott, or a coffee party at Jakobsplatz. The majority of respondents would like to see improved traffic management, more green spaces, and a higher quality of stay. The students also evaluated the open space and mobility strategies of other cities, both in Germany and abroad. They came across a multitude of ideas for an improved pedestrian experience, which could also be implemented in Aachen.

The results of the students' efforts will be presented on Sunday, September 22, 2019, from 12 noon to 5pm at the Elisenbrunnen as part of the "Mobility Special" in Aachen. This event is one of many offered by numerous communities from all over Europe during "European Mobility Week." Since its inception in 2002, the citizens of participating cities have been given many opportunities to get to know sustainable mobility better.

Source: Press and Communications