The Lord of the Rings


For the tenth time now, the German Tolkien Society (DTG) will be holding the “Tolkien Seminar,” scheduled to take place in Aachen, from April 26 to 28, 2013. The seminar is organized in cooperation with the RWTH Institute for English, American and Romance Studies and Walking Tree Publishers.


The key topic of the conference will be adaptations of Tolkien’s novel “The Lord of the Rings,” with conference contributions such as “Merchandising – A Sideshow to the War of the Ring: History, Impact and Outcomes of a Stupendous Success.” Apart from the film versions, adaptations in other media such as board, role-playing and computer games will be discussed.

The “Tolkien Seminar” is an international, interdisciplinary Tolkien conference organized by the DTG. The seminar, which since 2004 has taken place at various locations, focuses on the work of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. It is oriented towards an academic audience, but also open to the interested public. The conference languages are German and English.