RWTH Aachen in Second Place for Equal Treatment


The competence center "Women in Science and Research" has published the "University Ranking according to Equal Treatment Aspects 2013". The competence center was founded in 2000 as an initiative of the federal government in coordination with the Federal Conference of Women's Representatives. The advancements that universities make with regards to the equal treatment of women and men have been compared every two years since 2003. RWTH Aachen occupies second place with three other universities from a total of 64 universities evaluated.


Only the Technical University of Berlin managed to perform better. In 2005, RWTH Aachen came in at number 46. It continually improved, attaining fourth place in 2011.

RWTH Aachen attained a top spot in four of seven categories: RWTH Aachen is one of the best universities with regards to doctoral studies and the number of female academic staff, as well as increases made in the number of female professors and researchers. The university only just missed top placement in the Habilitation category. RWTH Aachen was also in the upper half of the middle group with regards to the ranking of professors.

"Enormous efforts have been made in the past years," says Professor Dr. Doris Klee, Vice-Rector of Human Resources Management and Development. She explains: "The university administration is more sensitive and continuously works on the topic of equal treatment. RWTH Aachen has adopted and implemented numerous measures for this resason."