Students Evaluate RWTH Aachen Positively


The new CHE university ranking on engineering and language sciences as well as history and psychology was released on May 7, 2013. Over 300 German, Austrian, and Swiss universities were evaluated. In addition to facts about academics, research, and equipment, 250,000 assessments from students were included. RWTH Aachen was especially high ranked among students' evaluations.


The civil engineering course of study came out in the top group five times in the students' evaluations. In the last ranking, it only managed this once. RWTH Aachen is also a leader among research funding, the number of doctoral candidates and professors' evaluations, which evaluated the reputation in academics, teaching, and research.

The RWTH Aachen mechanical engineering course of study is on top in the categories research funding, doctoral studies, discoveries, and reputation. It was especially highly evaluated by students in regards to teaching. The electrical engineering course of study has room for improvement among student evaluations. It maintained a top position among doctoral studies, research funding, and international orientation.

The architecture course of study improved greatly in six indicators among the student evaluations, including the "overall academic situation" as the most important indicator.

Students also gave better evaluations in other fields such as Teacher Training German Studies. As a result, RWTH Aachen is among the best in areas related to mentoring by instructors and feasibility of studies. English Studies however, can still improve their international orientation.

So gehört die RWTH hier zur Spitzengruppe bei Betreuung durch die Lehrenden und Studierbarkeit. In der Anglistik konnte vor allem die internationale Ausrichtung verbessert werden. Although RWTH Aachen was in the lowest group at the end of the last ranking, it came out among the best this year.